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02 December 2009 @ 06:18 pm
would you like an invite for LOCKERZ?  
Do you know LOCKERZ?
this is a new fantastic site where you can get prizes without spending any money! You just have to spend some of your daily time to answer some random question and get more points! When you reach a determinated amount of points, you can get great prizes, such as dvd, ipod, mobile phone, nintendo wii etc.

The only thing is... you CANNOT sign in if you are not invited. So...I was just invited by afeastforme and now I have to invite other people, so I can get EXTRA points. So...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Join it!

If you wanna be invited, leave me your email address in the comment (comments are screened, obviously)!! I swear, that's not one of those stupid fake things! *___*

for information
: www.lockerz.com
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