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~ .I’m goin’ back to the start.

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& who am I?.

Giulia. JulyChan. QueenB. blairpw. almost nineteen. 8th December 1990. Italy. 1.75 tall. brown, red, dark brown, black brown/orange (XD) hair. brown eyes.
Caustic. Stubborn. Proud. Ambitious. Silver-Green. Malfoy. ToujoursPur. Slytherin at heart
England's fan. British girl. Brandon Urie & Jared Leto's lover. Rock chic. IllDieForYouTonight. Music's addicted. Go Lakers!. Converse reign. Shoeshaolic. Shopaholic. Basketballplayersdoitbetter. Eccentric. Simple. Expansive. Apathetic. Solitary. GetWhatYouWantNotWhatYouNeed. A living contradiction. Pissed off. Stormy. Angry. Sinner. Only one. DontKnowWhatIWantButIKnowHowToGetIt. I am an anarchist!. You know you ♥ me. Devil&Medusa.Chuck's addicted <3. xoxo. WhatHappensInVictrolaStaysInVictrola. Tv series maniac. GossipGirl♥.